Saudi Qimam

About us

We are an Engineering Office licensed to provide engineering services in Saudi Arabia to both the private and government sectors (ministries and agencies); we provide the following services:

  1. Architecture: including, without limitation
  2. Projects Management: including, without limitation
  3. Feasibility studies for Architectural Projects and Buildings

Mission & Vision

Linkage with the client being a building block in the society so as to translate requirements and needs with all the expertise and professionalism, taking into account both sides of the equation (cost and quality), and all for the purposes of stepping into a society that enjoys the best means of comfort and luxury.

Affirming our stand and achieving our aspirations aimed to assume the lead among engineering offices, not only locally but globally, claiming the pride crown for ourselves and decorating the name of the dear homeland with the same.

Our Goals

  • Striving to provide a service with a high quality and precision by taking into account the standards of the profession and the integrity of the responsibility.
  • Striving to be the top pioneers of designs and ideas and engineering services through the innovation of modern engineering designs with which we ornament both the government sector (ministries and agencies) and the private sector; with the aim of providing a comfortable working environment with integrated requirements that meet the needs of the owner of the project.
  • Striving to be the role models and our work team continues to be characterized by the activity, hard work, punctuality, precision and meeting engineering standards requirements in order to meet the ethics of the profession as well as satisfying our loyal clients and maintaining their confidence which is our pride crown.