Saudi Qimam


    • Construction Designs, infrastructure and planning.

    • Supervision and studies of engineering projects and provision of feasibility studies.

    • Project management and development

    • Interior, engineering and architectural designs in various methods (perspective and manual design – Executive 2D Graphics - three-dimensional perspectives - Photoshop -2D designs).

    • Engineering study for the voids of the building.

    • Precisely developing the Clients’ conceptions.

    • Study of the Engineering requirements of the building to adapt them with the cravings of the client.

    • Quantifying and pricing the quantities of the architecture and interior items.

    • Designing and studying all models and types of trends ) Classic; Italian; French; English; American; New Classic; Modern; Islamic; Moroccan; East Asian; Najdi; African)

    • Study and design of architectural plans, interfaces for villas, palaces, buildings and projects.

    • Designing furniture and provision of operational graphics.

    • Reutilizing the current design in a different manner and design to satisfy the desire of the Client.

    • Selection and coordination of different and all types of accessories for furniture and furnishing of interior voids.

    • Design, implementation and management of exhibitions, celebrations halls and festivals.

    • Design, harmonization and planning of green areas, spaces and gardens.

    • Creating the design and the notion in order to better prepare it for current and future.

    • Linking environmental affiliation between internal and external design.

    • Selection and coordination of colors.